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If you purchased a defective vehicle and want to know if it is covered under California Lemon Law or auto recalls, it is important that you understand the specifics of these regulations.

Lemon Law is a state regulation that protects the consumer from dealers and manufacturers. If your vehicle has defects that have yet to be repaired after a reasonable amount of time, then you may have a claim for reimbursement or replacement.

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Auto recalls are addressed by the dealer. They will notify you of the need for repair and provide the service at the dealership.

If the repairs from a recall sufficiently repaired your vehicle but you still experience difficulties from a separate defect, then it could make you ineligible to file a Lemon Law claim.

However, there are certain situations in which you may still have a lemon law claim even after the recall:

  • If the repairs during the recall were not sufficient
  • If you have been experiencing issues with your car that are not addressed by the recall

If any of these instances are true, you may still have a lemon law claim.

How Our Lemon Law Attorneys Can Help

There are many ways our attorneys can help in your claim:

  • Ensuring that all deadlines are followed
  • Assessing your claim to verify if your eligible under state law
  • Providing detailed knowledge of Lemon Law and answer your questions
  • Offering in-depth familiarity with the court processes for these types of cases
  • Focusing on the client-attorney relationship and keeping you informed
  • Delivering excellent representation through all phases of your case
  • Protecting your consumer rights against dealerships and manufacturers
  • Often shortening the time it takes to gain a resolution

Can You Sue for a Recall on a Car?

Oftentimes a lawsuit may still be filed for cars with recalls. Even if the recalls are taken advantage of to the fullest capacity, there may still be enough damage done from the recalls that allow suing to a become worthwhile option.

How Many Recalls Does a Car Have to Have Before It’s a Lemon?

In California you might have a legitimate claim to a car being a lemon if it is unable to be repaired and has been recalled after a reasonable amount of times. This can be at least two times, but often can be more. Also, under California lemon law, if a vehicle has spent more than 30 cumulative days getting repairs in a shop, then it can qualify as a lemon. However manufacturers can argue that some of that time was out of their control.

Millions Recovered by Lemon Law Lawyers in California

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